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About Us

Coffee Day Co. Ltd. Is a local café chains that is located in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia; and was found back in 2002, whereby the owner had a dream of combining a high quality of taste with a professional service.

The dream has started with one café and a few types of beverages.., by time and over the years, Coffee Day today has over 50 branches and expanding as well as improving the experience of mixing powders to reach the level of elegant taste; to meet the customer satisfaction and to maintain a very high level of quality in both beverage and service.

Today we have achieved the target of serving our customers with a unique attitude.

Being an exclusive distributor of several international brands has given us the opportunity to compete in the Saudi market and reach the top at the café world.

Coffee or Tea, hot or cold, dine-in or drive through; you certainly will find your drink at our factory of beverages.

We have established our reputation and we are keen to maintain its level yet improving. Coffee Day brings you the coffee that makes your day.



Coffee Day prides itself on the extensive and ongoing training offered to all our staff in developing their skills via the Coffee Day training program. In order to become a Shift Supervisor, Store Manager and additional management training must be completed.

The pathway to becoming a qualified Coffee Day Barista starts with New Crew level moving through to Crew, Barista Crew and finally Barista. At all stages of development our staff are supported by our Learning and Development Team in completing workshops, and in store assessments.



The tradition of coffee is so much more than just a cup in the morning. It is an, intense, delicious, desire with a strong connection to people and lifes' simple pleasures. From easy moments with loved ones to breakthrough meetings, this ritual is now an essential part of our lives. Coffee Day strives to bring the very best of genuine coffees home. Our passion for perfection and our traditional sensibilities have inspired us to craft a full bodied, rich coffee that is simply amazing. Inspire your senses with everything we have to offer....great coffee